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Respiratory Emergencies

Access to free airways is the first consideration in emergency situations, such as at the scene of an accident, and respiratory emergencies represent an important part of acute medicine in general. Respiratory problems also play a crucial part in critical care medicine and constitute an important share of the numerous problems in an intensive care unit. There is no clear forum for publishing scientific achievements within the field of respiratory emergencies, so this issue of the European Respiratory Monograph on respiratory emergencies will be welcome, and will help bridge the gap between specialists in respiratory and intensive care medicine. Different aspects of respiratory emergencies have been covered and this Monograph gives insights into acute respiratory events due to exacerbations of obstructive pulmonary diseases, infections, accidents, neuromuscular disorders and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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Respiratory Emergencies
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  • S. Nava
  • T. Welte
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  • 2006
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