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Lung Diseases and Cancer

The coexistence of lung disease and cancer in the same person is a frequent occurrence. Evidence suggests that this coexistence sometimes goes beyond chance; in fact, both disease types are associated and the presence of one can be a risk factor or a protective factor for the other. In this Monograph, the Guest Editors bring together renowned clinical and scientific experts to provide an exhaustive review of the bidirectional relationship between respiratory diseases and cancer (not just lung cancer). The chapters: explore the common causal pathways of cancer and lung disease; consider the diseases from an epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic point of view; and discuss the many ways in which they interact to influence patient management. The result is a book that will generate a better understanding of this relationship, giving rise to a greater awareness of the possible development of lung disease in people with cancer, and of the different types of cancer that are frequently seen in those with lung diseases.

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Lung Diseases and Cancer
Edited by: 
  • Miguel Ángel Martínez-García
  • Mina Gaga
  • Kwun M. Fong
Copyright year: 
  • 2022
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