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Exercise performance in a healthy sedentary male subject. The basic plots for the interpretation of cardiopulmonary exercise testing are reported. In plots a–d, in addition to peak oxygen uptake (V′O2), the variables commonly used to indirectly estimate lactic threshold (LT) are given. That is, the V′O2 at which the transition from moderate to high intensity exercise occurs is identified (vertical dashed line). The expected LT for a healthy subject (55% of predicted V′O2,peak) is indicated in plots a) to d) by a small arrow (continuous line). Predicted V′O2,peak is indicated in a) by an arrow (dashed line). In plot e), V′O2 versus work rate reflects the exercise efficiency and limits of exercise tolerance of the subject; with the expected peak exercise performance represented by the asterisk. Plots f) and h) indicate minute ventilation (V′E) versus carbon dioxide uptake (V′CO2) and tidal volume (VT) versus V′E, respectively; these two plots describe the characteristics of the ventilatory response during submaximal and peak exercise. Finally, plot g) presents characteristics of the haemodynamic response to exercise with estimated peak heart rate represented by the asterisk and predicted peak O2 pulse by the arrow. PET,O2: end-tidal pressure of oxygen; PET,CO2: end-tidal pressure of carbon dioxide; RER: respiratory exchange ratio. Reproduced with permission from [113].
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