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About the ERS books

The ERS Monograph is the quarterly book series from the European Respiratory Society. Each Monograph covers a specific area of respiratory medicine, providing in-depth reviews that give clinicians at all levels a concise, comprehensive guide to symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

The ERS Handbooks are compact guides to broad areas of the respiratory field. Launched in 2010, the series now covers adult, paediatric and sleep respiratory medicine, includes a companion volume of self-assessment questions and features the ERS Practical Handbooks.

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Activate your book access: ERS Handbooks and ERS Practical Handbooks

How you activate your access depends on whether you have a pre-existing account with us. If you are (or have recently been) an ERS member, or you have bought or activated another book on this website, you can skip straight to “Log in” (step 3). If not, please create an account, following the instructions below. If you’re not sure, please contact us:

1. If you do not already have an account, create one by clicking here: (opens in new tab)

2. When you have successfully created an account, you will see this message:

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3. Log in (using the "Individuals" button or the "myERS" button as appropriate) with the details you have just created or your existing account: (opens in new tab)

4. In the list of books, find the one you wish to activate and click “Add to cart”. Don’t worry about the price; this will be removed later.

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5. You will now see the publication in your cart. Click “Add Coupon” and type in the code from your book. The price should now reduce to zero.

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6. Click “Proceed to Checkout” and follow the checkout process.

7. You will now see confirmation of your order. To read the book, click Continue to European Respiratory Society Publications, then Read Now next to the relevant book.

This page was updated on 7 April 2021